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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Malaysian Badminton Family.

So the Sidek legacy just not be end by Rashid Sidek but it continue.Good news for fanatic badminton fans  in Malaysia, they conquest continue with involvement of Datuk Misbun Sidek second son in badminton sport; Misbun Ramdan Misbun.

Here is courtesy from The Star;


KUALA LUMPUR: What’s in a name, you ask? A lot if your name is Misbun Ramdan Mohmed Misbun.
Yes, the second child of former national badminton singles ace and current national coach Misbun Sidek has a lot to prove to live up to his famous father’s expectations.

But, if all goes according to plan, Misbun Ramdan could well be the country’s next big men’s singles star, something Malaysia is badly in need of.
Except for world No. 1 Lee Chong Wei and a handful of back-up players, the country is scrapping the barrel as far as the men’s singles stars are concerned.

Misbun Ramdan. who will turn 18 on March 16, has shown that he has the potential to make it big.

Yesterday, in a short sparring session with his father at Stadium Juara in Bukit Kiara, the youngster showed good badminton skills. His deft touches, fiery pace and tricky shots brought back fond memories of the playing days of the famous Sidek brothers — Misbun, Jalani, Razif and Rashid.

Standing almost as tall as his father at 184cm, Misbun Ramdan has won several junior titles since taking up badminton seriously when he was in Form 1.

In 2007, he won the Selangor Closed Under-15 title and the Under-18 winner of the Selangor Sports Council and District School Sports Council tournaments.

Misbun Ramdan knows it’s time for him to live up to his father’s name.

“It was not easy at the beginning for me. With my name came a lot of expectations. Usually, there are gasps of disbelief whenever my name is mentioned,” said Misbun Ramdan.

“I took badminton seriously when I was in Form 1. Before that, it was more of following my dad and just having fun. Now, I want to make my dad proud of me.

“I hope to continue with my family’s tradition by doing well in badminton.”

His elder brother, Misbun Shawal, 20, has also been showing good potential in the doubles event. His other non-badminton playing siblings are twin sister Lia Murni (17), Lia Alifah (14), Lia Dewirubita (13) and Misbun Awalluddin (8).

Misbun Ramdan is a member of the Nusa Mahsuri professional club and he hopes to become a top national singles star in the next three to four years.

“Whenever there is an opportunity, I get my dad to coach me. He is a national coach and his job demands a lot from him. But he still finds time for me. We have a court at the back of our house (in Ukay Perdana) and I get to practise a solid two hours with him in the afternoon,” said Misbun Ramdan.

“They say that it is toughest working under one’s own father. I agree with that. He is strict and brooks no no nonsense. But I enjoy that.”
Misbun Ramdan is now gearing up for the first-leg of the National Junior Circuit in Ipoh from Feb 19-22. He will play in the singles and parnter Nur Mohd Haqiem Ayub in the doubles under the Selangor banner.

Misbun said he was proud that his son had chosen to keep the family tradition going as far as badminton was concerned.

“Usually, people from the badminton circle will not encourage their children to take up badminton,” said Misbun.

But I am happy that my son has shown interest in the sport. Usually, I have to force him to get up to go school but when it comes to badminton, he is always wide awake.

“I have no worries as far as his foundation in badminton is concerned. He has the skills. He must now build up his physical strength. Together with Shawal, they can go far.”

Hopefully, we can see playing as elit player as soon as possible.

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