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Monday, February 21, 2011

Almost Finish........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today its quite boring so I decide to blogging 'cause its have been long time since I x surf my blog.Belive it or x it less than a week that I will say gud  bye 2 this place & need to settle up my report & later on need to attend interview with da' respective lecturer.

Oh u can't believe that I x do my report yet,only the log book.Need to rush and send my report,hope there will be a magic(please!). 4 now I x want 2 be panic, relax and calm down..oh yes..yes..GREAT I AM PANIC! 
Thing I can only do is PRAY

Monday, January 24, 2011

pick one:-futher study @working

Cuba bayang la korang tersepit/dilema nk wat keputusan penting dlm hidup korang.Mesti korang rase cam terjun dlm gaung ke, nk lompat bangunan ke kan! kan!kan!.

Cam aku lak tersepit nk sambung belajar atau nk 'kojo'.Pening la aku, pasal benda camni da wat aku runsing.
Itu satu,dua lak kalau antar mohon masuk U ntah dpt ke x????

Ikutkn memang nk sambung study.Maybe peluang tu banyak (sikit) la.Camne tu????? kasi komen ckit.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time is running

Like Faizal Ismail said 'shut up no shut up' it' almost 2 month I being here.Yeah!!! Finally I only need 2 wait 4 more than 1 month 2 leave this place.Fuhh! I to take deep down of breath, keep chill out and swip away things that bother so that I can leave this place peacefully. 

Monday, January 3, 2011


2day something that I x expected happen 2 me. How u can imagine that the most cold hearted-rough guy simply be hurt feeling just because i'm said ' IF I'M THE ANNOYED SO YOU THE ONE ACT THAT U YOU GUD ENOUGH GUY'.

Can u imagine that? that the most redicilous thing in my life. How can a brutal guy  be 'soft'. May be he having 'PMS', he..he..

Lucky I only being here 4 three months.Actually I don't like( very! very!) him. What only thing that Ican say is YOUR FIANCEE IS TOTALLY UNLUCKY 4 having u...

OMG, I heard  that his talking behind me.Oh I guess every guy have feminin side,oo... that so sweet..Ha! Ha!.I dont care my evaluation on my perfgormance that only 20% while my report is 50 %.Better I catch up 4 my report rather take care others feelings.I sick & tired 2 face that again and again.

Last word 4 him...GUD LUCK  BUCKO!