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Monday, January 3, 2011


2day something that I x expected happen 2 me. How u can imagine that the most cold hearted-rough guy simply be hurt feeling just because i'm said ' IF I'M THE ANNOYED SO YOU THE ONE ACT THAT U YOU GUD ENOUGH GUY'.

Can u imagine that? that the most redicilous thing in my life. How can a brutal guy  be 'soft'. May be he having 'PMS', he..he..

Lucky I only being here 4 three months.Actually I don't like( very! very!) him. What only thing that Ican say is YOUR FIANCEE IS TOTALLY UNLUCKY 4 having u...

OMG, I heard  that his talking behind me.Oh I guess every guy have feminin side,oo... that so sweet..Ha! Ha!.I dont care my evaluation on my perfgormance that only 20% while my report is 50 %.Better I catch up 4 my report rather take care others feelings.I sick & tired 2 face that again and again.

Last word 4 him...GUD LUCK  BUCKO!

1 comment:

  1. woit timah..awt ngan ko nie??...
    update blog?? hehehe
    result ko cner??